The Award Analysis


Our professional Business Analyst completes an intensive diagnostic review of your company.  Secondly, a results meeting is held to review the business analysis and a comprehensive report is presented.  

Next, A review of the report between the Business Analyst and you can then determine a plan of action that addresses the changes that you want to see happen in your company. In addition our Business Analyst presents Recommendations that can be of immediate benefit.

The Award Solution


We are specialist in small and medium sized businesses and understand that you need to concentrate on your business operations.  

You do not have unlimited time to spend time with consultants that are working with you on solutions. We meet with  you to design a work schedule that fits your time.


The Award Advantage


We provide consulting services, custom tailored with flat rate pricing that is customized to your budget. 

We offer flexible scheduling in 1/2 day and full day schedules based on your companies revenue to make our services affordable. Taking your business to where you want it is as easy as ABC.